Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Greed Is No Longer Good"

I've been meaning to put this link up since forever ago, but have just been so busy I kept putting it off. The link has been sitting, unused, on a tab in my Firefox since the 12th of February. has an article up with the transcript of a speech given by John Krafcik, the President & CEO of Hyundai Motor America.

He talks about why the automotive business has been so much maligned in recent years and how their actions have caused them to be perceived as "bad guys who care little about our own customers and the world we live in."

No, really?

He goes on to say "Another revolutionary step we can take is to embrace improved fuel economy as an indisputable social good. There's really no point in arguing about the veracity of climate change when you stop to consider the finite supply of oil, and the turmoil that our present consumption habit is fueling in the Middle East. It's abundantly clear that improved fuel economy makes sense for our industry and for our country. [...] As an industry, we need to take a longer term view of our environmental strategies. That means stepping up and getting ahead of the regulators where that makes sense. We think that time is now."

Now that is interesting. And I can't help but applaud an auto exec who has the guts to get on a stage and make a statement like that in public, especially in North America.

The full transcript of his speech can be read HERE.

Friday, February 13, 2009

And remember kids... don't buy a hybrid to save money!

According to this article at, hybrids not only cost more to buy, but they also cost more to fix. And that's just general repairs, with no mention made of battery pack costs.

On the bright side, if your Prius does break down and you can't afford to fix it because the monthly payments on it's over-inflated sticker price are draining your bank account, you could always just leave it parked in your driveway and use it to power your fridge, stove, or other appliances.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holy Crap! Mitsubishi pulling out of Dakar rallying!

I'm shocked!

After watching this years absolutely amazing rally, featuring a battle of the diesel titans between Mitsubishi and VW, as well as the privateer BMW X-Raids, I'm stunned to read that Mitsu are pulling out of cross country rallying.

This was their first year running diesels (compared to Volkswagen who've run them for years), and despite some setbacks, as well as finishing off the podium, I'd sincerely hoped they'd be back to challenge VW in 2010.